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Doyenne Angelica

My World

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Welcome to My World. I have been a female all my life and a kink studio owner for over fifteen years. It was well over twenty years ago that I fell into the kinky world that I inhabit and relish. I found my Mistress/Dominant title all those years ago, and I am forever learning and experimenting with new interests to add to my extensive knowledge and understanding.

Experience is priceless and cannot be replaced with anything else. In my opinion, a few months or even a couple of years in ‘the scene’ can teach the basics but it takes a good chunk of years to develop and explore the world of fetish and to find exactly what it is that you want from it. With over fifteen years experience of Pro-Domming under my leather belt I feel I have earned, and suitably fit, my ‘Mistress’ or 'Dominant' title. Having said that, I never sit back and feel complacent in this knowledge, as I know that with each day comes new learning and challenges and it is those which keep me focused and happy to open my eyes to every new day. 

You have absolutely no excuse to not know an awful lot about me. I have a range of informative, available clips on YouTube which cover a range of topics from who I am to my opinions and thoughts about varied fetish interests. I am also a regular tweeter on Twitter, simply follow me for day to day updates and news, or follow the Twitter feed on my social media page. 

How have I changed over the years?

One word can sum it up – confidence. I have confidence in who I am, in what I do and in what I want. My inner confidence has grown and developed over the past ten years and it has given me a psychological strength that astounds me at times. The strength it has given has helped me to decode and understand exactly what it is that I want. It has also impacted on who I choose to have around me, and on the way in which I play with my subs and slaves. I have learned to trust my instincts and react to them organically, which has resulted in an open truth to my play, an experience which subs and slaves detect and respond to by serving openly and, most importantly, honestly. If I do not hear and feel this from a sub, they do not get the privilege of serving me.

What do I want?

In summary, I want a happy and full life, one which is filled with enriching experiences and people. I have achieved all of those things and what I want to do is continue doing so. By having a diverse set of subs and slaves to play with and having a varied social and private life I hope to continue to build upon what I have achieved thus far. 

I have no need to advertise and ‘tout’ for new business as I have a very busy studio, however I do thoroughly enjoy inviting new and prospective subs into my play space. One of my collared slave’s recently described me as a ‘slave snob,’ I will happily take that badge and wear it with pride. I will openly admit to being very particular about who I

invite to my studio, and to my feet. If a person wishes to serve me they have to prove this by undertaking a process of contact before I will grant an invite to a phone call, (see my contact page for more details). I have set this process in place to ensure that the people who contact me have taken a little (or perhaps a lot of) time to think about the contact prior to making it. I am interested in searching for genuine subservients, if you are unsure as to what that is, see my YouTube clips on my Social Media page. The people I choose to have at my feet, and collar, are those who emanate a need to serve. This particular trait cannot be faked, nor can it be concealed, and I am able to detect it and then use

it to train subs to my ways.

Who am I now?

I am a 47 year old woman who owns a kink/fetish studio and who has a wonderful time selecting and inviting people to serve me within that studio. I am an experienced female dominant who is extremely kinky and wants to play in the fetish world, and to do that I need subservients around me who are able to follow and adhere to my wants and needs.

I am an intellectual, compassionate, approachable, thoughtful, communicative woman who strives, on a daily basis,

to promote true domination. I have an extremely positive outlook on life and believe there are always things to be learned, places to explore and people to get to know. I am excited to see where the next ten years take me and my new and long serving subs and slaves.

How has Covid impacted on the present and future?

As many of you know, I caught Covid in March 2020 - right at the beginning of the pandemic. The virus has effected me ever since and I continue to understand how it will change the way in which I choose to play in the future. 

Skype/FaceTime calls have been wonderful during the lockdown periods, and I extend my thanks to those of you who took part, and continue to reach out and support via the wonder of technology.

Studio is now fully re-opened but a rule of taking a lateral flow test pre real time session is non negotiable. You will be asked to provide evidence of a negative result. 


I am NOT a service provider who will kowtow to your wants and needs. you, as my subservient, will kowtow to Mine.

I am strong, because I know My weaknesses.

I am beautiful, because I am aware of My flaws.

I am fearless, because I learned to recognise fake from real.

I am wise, because I learn from My mistakes.

I am a lover, because I have felt hate.

I can laugh, because I have known sadness.


©Mistress Angelica 2021 All rights reserved

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