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Doyenne Angelica

Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers here to questions that I am asked regularly. I encourage question asking, as it's a very important tool in finding out about a person. I always operate the right to not answer a posed question, and I extend that right to you - as you'll find I ask a lot of questions when exploring you!

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4. Do you have a place where I can clean up after a session?

I have full bathroom and shower facilities. I provide clean towels and have a range of toiletries available, so you can freshen up fully.  All towels are washed at 60 degrees or higher to ensure germs are decimated. 

5. Will I have to leave straight after my allocated session time is up?

Anyone who knows me will know how ... organic ... I am with my timings. I always suggest you allow at least 30 minutes longer than your booking time. It is very important that you have time to recover from a session. I leave plenty of time between meetings so there is never any rush for you to get dressed and get out. You will have time to freshen up, have a drink and a sweet treat and a lovely chat prior to you entering back into vanilla land.

6. Can I bring my own toys/equipment?

This is usually discussed during a phone call but, in general, I encourage people to bring in their own toys, for several reasons:

- I am interested in seeing what people choose to purchase and play with in the comfort of their own home. (Also known as being nosey).

- If the equipment is the sort which is tricky to sterilise, from a hygiene point of view it makes sense to bring in your own.

- Sizing of certain items (latex body suits etc) can be tricky, so a made to measure item is always lovely to use.

- Poppers can be brought into studio (I do not keep them in studio), but I will never guarantee to use them. I am not a huge fan of drugging people as I adore to have my subs and slaves compos mentis and feeling what I am doing to them. 

7. Do you keyhold for chastity devices?

I absolutely do keyhold for my own chastity slaves devices. These are slaves with whom I have taken a journey and I have decided that having them locked is what I want.

I NEVER keyhold for strangers. I get no pleasure from holding keys for people I do not know. As far as I am concerned, my pleasure comes from knowing how my control is impacting my slave. This knowledge then allows me to understand when I want them unlocked, or kept locked forever.

8. Can I be your personal servant?

No, you cannot. This will sound harsh and direct but it is the honest answer: I have one personal servant and will only have that one personal servant. I have many wonderful collared slaves. All are collared with their own, unique collars. All of which hold very different but equally special places in my life. Then I have my submissives, these have been collared with a sub collar, and are entitled to refer to themselves as my subs. The majority of these subs are working towards earning their slave collar.

9. Do you ever think that your subs and slaves' kinks are weird?

I have stated on several occasions that I have a huge respect for my subservients. To give your body, heart and soul to a female dominant is an exceptional, and sometimes incomprehensible, to me. It is amazing, exciting, truthful and, in my opinion, anything but weird.

I think that everyone who is openly interested in fetish has, at some point, been labelled as 'weird' or 'strange', I know I have. I do not like labels. I adore the fact that we all have our own kinks and 'turn ons' and that we are honest with ourselves about them is the most refreshing and liberating feeling. If people want to label that as 'weird' then bring it on! I'll be at the front of the queue to receive the 'weird' label.

10. Do you have any interests outside the fetish world?

I do indeed, many. I enjoy music, travel, festivals, nature, reading, writing and meeting lots of wonderful people from all over the world. I have a passion for art, particularly life art. I regularly tweet images of work that I have modelled for. 

I am a qualified life coach and am forever intrigued by the human psyche, which I continue to study and research. Understanding the complex twists and turns of being a healthy, living human being is something I will never tire of.  I adore my hobby of candle making, which has been added recently to a long list of interests. 

1. Is this just a job for you?

In short, the answer to this question is no! I do have a routine relating to times and days which I am around and in my studio but I live, eat and breathe fetish, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It has taken me years to understand myself and build my lifestyle around who I am, and it not something I ever plan to retire from or give up. I get to do what I love, meeting fantastic people in the process. Keeping my play and my studio alive and thriving is my passion.

2. Are your premises discreet?

Keeping the people who visit my studio safe is a priority, and that includes ensuring that my studio and any interactions within are discreet.

3. Is your equipment kept clean?

I take my hygiene procedures very seriously, from the wearing of latex gloves to the cleaning of my equipment. I clean and sterilise all of my toys personally, so that I can ensure they are fully cleansed and ready to use whenever I pick them up. Obviously, since the Covid outbreak this topic has been at the top of everyone's agenda, but it has always been at the top of mine.

All small play equipment, that can be sterilised, are, after every use. Large pieces of equipment are soaked in anti bacterial wash after each use. Anti bacterial wipes are available at all times.

Anal toys are sterilised and are covered with a condom before each use. The bathroom area is cleaned regularly and anti bacterial gel and hand-wash is always available.

I do not mind entrusting dusting and vacuuming to my maid slaves, but all work is checked and poor efforts are punished.


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