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Doyenne Angelica

The Full Story

Serve Me

I have many and varied interests, and the list of activities I enjoy just keeps growing and growing! To serve me you have to accept that in my studio my subs and slaves are used so that I can explore my wants and needs, and I play as I deem appropriate on the day. The interests noted below are only some of my kinks, they are NOT a list of 'services' for you to choose from.  

I do NOT make any sort of 'custom clips', so do not ask. The clips I make are authentic, genuine, real time situations made with collared slaves of Mine. 

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True control and safe words

I know that this form of domination can scare some people – 'What, no safe word?!' 'I can't choose what I want!?' - and in answer to those questions 'No!' Before everyone goes running for the hills, I will state that I am a realist and absolutely understand that everyone has specific interests, which I will openly encourage you to voice and communicate, but there will never be any guarantee that your interests will be used within my play. You will be there to serve, entertain, please me, and you will accept where my play takes me. This, in my opinion, is true subservience and, more importantly for me, it is true dominance. I can stretch my wings and fly. 

With regards to safe words. I don't like them and I have chosen to not use them. Let me explain why; I believe that during the process of getting to know a person under my fingertips I build a thorough understanding of that person, and I get to know when I am challenging them. I can then make the decision as to when, or if, to stop. Surely, that is a decision the dominant should have full control over, and not the subservient? A word of warning, it is not something that can be achieved if the dominant does not know the subservient. Hence why there is a necessity for safe words in the area of fetish where dominants will happily play with people they have very little knowledge of. The choice I have made in not using safe words means I actively select people with whom I know I can take a journey with. I like to get to know my subs inside/out. I like to have a tool belt full of knowledge about the person I am playing with. My control is more powerful if I have a complete understanding of the person I have beneath my fingertips. In turn, my subs and slaves are taught and learn how to please me. 

To start the journey

Following an initial email contact (see my contact page for details) I will insist upon a phone call, in which I will ask all relevant questions, and you will get the opportunity to ask any questions/queries you have. At the conclusion of the phone call I will make a decision as to whether I am interested in opening my diary to Skype with you or invite you to my studio.


The first Skype will be no longer than 30 minutes, and the first visit to my studio will be for no longer than a one hour booking (with my organic and fluid timings this tends to extend to 90 minutes, I'm no clock watcher!) These timings allow me enough time to establish as to whether I can see a future for you as a sub under my collar. There will be a good amount of communication during a first Skype/session, this is crucial in laying down the foundations of a trusting D/s relationship.

Long may the journey continue

If I decide you are to serve me, more than once, the fun then truly begins. It is an amazing thing to be in control of, and witness, the exploration through fetish play, and how it stretches people in ways they would never have dreamed possible. I operate a collaring process where a person first works toward a sub collar and then, if they are providing me with what I need and want and show their commitment in a variety of ways, they earn a slave collar. 

Some of my interests:

- Bondage

- Pain

- Corporal Punishment

- Cock and ball torture

- Nipple torture

- Psychological manipulation

- Electrics

- Imprisonment

- Spanking

- Needle play

- Anal play

- Chastity

- Interrogation

- Watersports

- Humiliation

- Orgasm edging

- Tie and tease

- Role play

- Cross dressing

- Bi-play


I have had the great pleasure of introducing, training and playing with a growing number of couples. As I have matured I have stretched my fingertips into this interest and have found I thoroughly enjoy the abundance of fun that can be created from playing with people that know each other very well.

I want to make very clear at this point that I am not hiring out my studio to couples to allow them to play in it alone. I am always present and in full control of every play session that happens within my four walls. I have male/female couples who are both submissive to me, I have couples where one partner is dominant and the other sub and I have couples that switch regularly. The one rule throughout the play is that I am always in charge of the play, I say what goes and when.

Dominance Training

I also have the capacity to hold training sessions for anyone who wishes to learn or practice their dominance skills. I have watched several wonderful people blossom under my tutelage as they develop their confidence within my studio, both with the toys and equipment and with their style of dominating. I am able to take complete beginners or the more experienced fetish player and offer advice and direction.

This experience is excellent for the less confident or just people that want to dip their toe into the scene and need to do it in a 'safe' environment. I have all the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure all will leave my studio having learned something, about themselves or the scene, or both.



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