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Doyenne Angelica


I'm an author and clip maker and below are some of the ways you can access my creativity from over the years. 


Chemin De Fer


A train. Two people. Eleven hours. One leads, one follows. The story of the relationship between the two people, and how they have come to be on the train together, slowly unfolds. The couple (A Mistress and her personal servant) shares each chapter so that the reader sees both perspectives. The extreme depth and breadth of their relationship, physically, sexually and emotionally, is laid bare. The core of their relationship is interwoven into private play and public settings. Where their journey takes them geographically is insignificant, their emotional journey together is where the readers’ eyes are focused and clues to their background, fantasies and experiences are imparted progressively.

Warning - The book contains explicit fetish and sexual language. 18+ only. My first book (co-written) was published by Amazon on 13th July 2015. It is available for Kindle and paperback from Amazon. I also have hard copies available in studio.

My Dinner Party

20160322_1190 5.5x8.5large image for cover on createspace with writing final copy vistapri

A Mistress decides a night of entertainment is needed and organises a dinner party, to be held at her luxurious French mansion. Her guests are a group of close female friends and their entertainment for the night is to be the Mistress’ personal servant.

The hostess tells the story, with punctuated glimpses, snippets and accounts of past training sessions. She is thorough in her preparation ensuring her personal servant, waitress and butler all perform effortlessly and perfectly on the night. Through the evening questions are asked and answered, feelings are displayed, frustrations are revealed and impressions are imprinted. The interaction and reactions from her guests combined with her unique style of domination blend together to create an evening of new experiences for one and all.

My second book was published by Amazon on 31st March 2016. It is available for Kindle and paperback from Amazon. I also have hard copies available in studio.

A Journey in to Chastity

a journey into chastity.jpg

I have the genuine privilege to be considered as a collared slave to Mistress Angelica. Understanding that I was likely to take a while to transition back to ‘vanilla world’ after being held in Her chastity for a short, but intense, period Mistress set me a task of providing a considered article explaining what chastity has become to me. This was a task I was only too delighted to have been given. – slave.


I gave My slave a task and he completed it well, in fact he completed it so well that I thought it appropriate to allow others the chance to read about his journey. The topic of chastity is diverse and deep, however I think My slave has produced an article which will definitely entertain and might educate those who choose to read it. – Mistress Angelica.

Video Clips

My Domination-submission videos and stills, with exclusive content, are available on the following pay-to-view sites. In all cases you will need to register with the sites. +21


This website hosts the video clips that I film with my slaves in my studio. I aim to add new content every month, I always post a notice on Twitter when new content has been uploaded.

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