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Doyenne Angelica



This page gives you a full, clear and easy understanding of all costs associated with visiting a kink studio and having the attention of an experienced Dominant. These tributes are not negotiable.


One-to-one real time bookings

£130 for an hour

£180 for 1.5 hours

£235 for 2 hours

£350 for 3 hours

Longer sessions can be arranged.


If you are organising your first session with me, you will only be permitted to spend an hour with me; an hour is enough time for me to assess as to whether I want to start a journey with a person and begin training them.

Tributes should, at all times, be presented in an envelope inscribed 'Mistress or Doyenne Angelica'

Skype/FaceTime bookings

20 minutes - £25

30 minutes - £30

Prior to agreeing to connect on Skype/phone, please read and agree to the following.


I am not 'offering a domination service' on Skype. I am happy to talk about vanilla and kink topics and I am happy to see you dressed in whatever outfit you see fit to present yourself to Me in, but I will NOT 'perform' for you. I will be dressed in an outfit of My choice (not yours), I do not expect anyone to request anything from Me. Just because we are online it does not give anyone the right to break the rules I expect all to adhere to, when in My company. You are here for Me, and you will accept what I want to give.


I reserve the right to set small online tasks to those I deem acceptable and up to the task.


Any abusive language or behaviour will result in an immediate cut off, with no refund.

Couples-real time booking

      £150 - 1 hour   

    £225 - 1.5 hours

    £275 - 2 hours

     £395 - 3 hours 


Dominance Training

Dominance Training - Tributes vary depending on type of session. 

Contact me for more information: email: 



Gifts are never expected but are always well received and appreciated as a sign that the slave knows how to please me.

Choose from my Amazon Wishlist


Clothing: Dress size UK 10 - 12,

Shoe size UK 6,

Boot size UK 6.5

(Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Louboutin, Alexander Wang, 1969 Italia Boutique are favourites) ,

Height: 5ft-5in (1.65m) in bare feet.

Perfume: Issey Miyake eau de toilette (cream box)

Make up and beauty products: Anything from the Clinique range

Flowers (No lilies)



French brandy



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